Study and Work? – This MBA made it possible!

The ECBM delivers the MBA in a Blended Learning format, a combination of weekend seminars with a virtual learning platform. Gido Englisch a recent MBA graduate and Consultant in the banking sector at Beckmann & Partner CONSULT shares his experiences with this specific type of MBA programme at ECBM:

At ECBM I got the chance to achieve an academic Master’s degree whilst pursuing my career. The MBA course perfectly combined theory with practice.

Before joining the MBA programme, I was looking for the opportunity to study for a recognised international Master’s degree in English. I needed something that was right for my busy working lifestyle.

I realised it was time for me to extend my horizons: To gain up-to-date and fresh insights into the business and management world. And at the same time, I did not want to take a break in my career and miss out on the practical, fundamental managerial knowledge of my job. Finally, with this programme, I found the exact combination of work and study.

This is a programme that enabled me to analyse situations with theoretical practice and put management theory into action at my workplace. I have now gained new skills that enable me to steer business processes and management decisions in a better way. Furthermore, I can now draw from new business knowledge in order to be prepared for new challenges and business situations in an international environment.

I was convinced about this MBA programme because of the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. The chance to exchange different perspectives on topics with lecturers and fellow students was an exceptional experience. Gaining an insight into high-level and academic theoretical principles was in particularly beneficial to me. The MBA degree enriches my daily professional life and is a perfect addition to my work experience.  The degree definitely adds value to my position and I have reached all of my goals I aspired before having started the postgraduate programme.

For prospective students looking for a part-time MBA programme, I highly recommend it. Even though it is challenging to handle work and study at the same time, it will enable you to grow and to develop your interpersonal and presentation skills.

This MBA will give you the chance to gain international high-level business and management knowledge and skills.

And what comes next?

Gido decided to take his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) at Liverpool John Moores University’s Business School after successfully completing his MBA. The Liverpool Business School DBA provides senior executives and managers with the opportunity to achieve the highest academic degree while remaining in full-time employment. Equivalent to a PhD qualification, the DBA is more appropriate for those pursuing a professional career.

We offer you a clear and straightforward path to extend your horizons to wherever your talents and skills will take you!